Monday, August 13, 2012

Like Clifton Hills, but without the natural wonder

Hubby and I woke up early on Wednesday. The kid, she slept in.

For breakfast we had "craps" at French Crepe Company. We struggled to get her to realize that Crepe actually rhymes with grapes. However, I must admit, mine tasted a little crappy so....

After breakfast we wandered around the Hollywood and Highland area. Looked at the Walk of Fame, etc... and experienced a bit of Hollyweirdness. It had a lot of similarities to Cliffton Hill. Crummy stores, weird people hitting you up for money and lots of tour guides selling their stuff.

We did decide to sign up for the Warner Bros. VIP Tour with Starline Tours. It was the same cost as booking it through Warner Bros. but we got transportation. It seemed like a good deal. It wasn't. We waited forever for the bus to pick us up. It wasn't air conditioned. The drivers didn't do anything but hit us up for tips - except for the one time he blasted music and rocked the bus back and forth it time to it. He dropped us off and didn't tell us where to go or anything. Good thing the Warner Bros. tour guides knew that we had no idea where to go. After the tour, our bus driver ended up leaving without a couple of the people in our party of 14. They were a little late coming back from the gift shop so they were out of luck.

The Warner Bros. tour was cool. We didn't see anyone famous but we toured the Mentalist set and saw all sorts of cool things - props from the Harry Potter movies, parking spots for the staff at The Big Bang Theory... It was cool and well worth it!

After returning to our hotel at Hollywood and Highland we had lunch at Disney's Soda Fountain and prebought tickets to see Brave at El Capitan that night. We went back to the hotel for a nap and then walked back across the street for our 7pm show.

The movie was awesome. So, was the LIVE preshow. Although the kid was pretty anxious for the movie to start. She kept telling me that she wished they'd stop singing and dancing and just show the movie. Kids.

After the show we wandered around for a bit and then had a late dinner at Mr. Koji's. The hubby loved his sushi. The kid enjoyed her roll and white rice drenched in soy sauce. My shrimp tempura was pretty good but a little soggy.

It was a good day.

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