Monday, August 13, 2012

Lions, Tigers and Marines, oh my!

We spent Tuesday at the San Diego Zoo. It was cool but not much better than the Toronto Zoo. We saw the 4D version of Ice Age (15 minutes but it kept snowing!), took the guided bus tour and took the Skyfari. Sadly, the Skyfari didn't really let us see the animals.

I am really glad that we did the Discovery Tour - an enhanced version of their guided bus tour. I would have liked to try the Backstage pass but there wasn't space for the three of us. The Discovery Tour teamed us up with seven other people and took us on a 60-minute tour of the exhibits we chose. It meant we got to see the Pandas! And a pregnant giraffe. And cheetahs, etc... It was pretty cool. But very, very hot.

We must have brought the humidity with us to Southern California. People kept telling us it was way hotter than normal.

I discovered my new favourite snack at the zoo - Smart Puffs. They are way better than Cheetos or Humpty Dumpty Cheese Sticks. And a bit healthier too. Might have to get some of my next cross-border shopping excursion.

At about 5 pm we left the zoo for Hollywood. We didn't get to our hotel until about 8:30 pm. Partly because my GPS lied and told us to go right instead of left in Los Angeles. Also, because I wasn't paying attention to the gas gauge and ended up begging for gas at Camp Pendleton. Yes, my evil GPS told us where the nearest gas station was and it turned out to be a Marine base. Good thing we had our passports and that the Marines had a sense of humour about this stupid Canadian.

And I got a migraine while driving. Apparently, in Southern California when you drive North on a highway you actually drive North. Several hours of staring at the sun gave me a killer headache. So, when we got to the hotel, Loew's Hollywood Hotel, hubby and the kid ended up going for dinner at Trastevere Ristorante Italiano while I "recuperated".

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