Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sea World is better than Marineland. Not that it is hard to beat Marineland.

Our first full day in San Diego was spent at Sea World. We had dinner at Denny’s first and then headed off to see how Sea World compares to Marineland.
There is no comparison. Marineland is laid out so that everything is miles apart. Or so it seems. You have to walk forever to get anywhere. That is not the case in Sea World. And there is a lot more to do in Sea World.
We saw the One Ocean show with Shamu, watched Cirque de la Mer, got drenched in the Shipwreck Rapids (yes, I have a new pair of pants to prove it). We went on the Wild Arctic ride, Manta! (although I skipped this one thanks to nausea) and the Bayside Skyride. We checked out the penguins, freshwater aquarium, Beluga whales, etc. It was a busy day. We even went on Journey to Atlantis which is just a flume ride. A flume ride with a freakin’ elevator.
We headed back to the hotel to jump in the ocean and relax in the pool. After hearing that California has no humidity, I was shocked and dismayed to discover that we were visiting during two atypical weeks with high humidity.
After destinking ourselves, we went to the Gaslamp Quarter for dinner and to wander around. I decided to leave the car with a valet located on the road. Luckily, he was legit and we got the car back at the end of the night.
We ended up having a delicious Mexican dinner at Fred’s Mexican Cafe. Our new rule is, we will eat somewhere provided they have other customers at 5pm. We had dessert at the kid’s favourite – Pinkberry – and wandered around the stores. I discovered I love Bettie Page clothes (and I think they love me back). We thoroughly enjoyed checking our Chuck Jones Gallery. If only I had an unlimited art budget.
We then returned to the hotel, packed and got organized for the next day – our trip to the San Diego Zoo and Hollywood.

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