Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stupid things I have done

The flight from Toronto to California takes about five hours. You can watch a couple of movies in that amount of time. And I did.

The first movie I watched was Crazy. Stupid. Love. It was the perfect movie to watch on an airplane. The second movie I watched was a poor, poor choice. And yet I kept watching even once I realized that it wasn't the best pick.

What movie did I watch?


Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to watch a movie about a strange new virus that spreads to millions of people around the world killing a lot of them. Especially not great when travelling with a seven-year-old who likes to touch everything. And sticks her hands near (let's pretend not in) her mouth. All the time. Yup. There was a lot of hand washing going on during our trip.

At least we didn't catch anything. And I suppose the movie choice could have been worse. It could have been Final Destination, Alive or Passenger 57.

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  1. Haha... I wonder if they even allow those latter movies on a plane?