Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Weirdest Girl on Planet Earth"

The kid just handed me her Christmas Wish list (at my request) and said "I am the weirdest girl on planet Earth."

I have to agree.

This is the list
  • walkie talkies
  • pipe cleaners
  • pom pom balls
  • clay
  • bow and arrow
  • books
  • big metal bar that can be attached to the wall
  • soft mat that is big and fat
  • duct tape
  • trampoline
  • laundry hamper
  • rope
  • new light switch
  • Pokemon cards
  • Beyblades
I can understand a few of the things. But duct tape? And a laundry hamper? Not to mention the rope. I could use quite a few of these items to spin a pretty scary story.

Needless to say, the kid (who is 8) will be getting some things from her list but mostly things her mom thinks she would like. Because I am NOT raising a serial killer.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And so it begins...

I am not a mathematician. I did get 100% on a calculus test in university once. Of course, it was my second time taking the course (I didn't fail the first time but I came pretty close with my D-). And I retook pretty much every math course I took in high school to ensure that I "got" it.

And now the kid is in grade 3. And it isn't super easy for me. Sure, I can do the basics just fine but word problems drive me a bit batty. And trying to get her to show her work is next to impossible. Why? Because the little monster does it all in her head.

But the joke is on her. Now my husband gets to check her work.

His trick to getting her to show her work? He gives her harder problems than those that are assigned. And what am I doing? Sitting quietly and thinking he better not try giving me math homework too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Apples to apples (or maybe bananas)

We were sitting eating dinner today and talking about our days. The kid mentioned that she's forgotten her taekwondo uniform on Monday so she had to wear just her belt. This led to my husband teasing her about going to class wearing no clothes. She rebutted that that concept was "disgusting. But way more disgusting for girls than boys because girls have..[pointed at her future bosom]"

The parents just exchanged a look. I said, "I guess she hasn't seen a naked boy."

The kid interrupted, "I sort of have. I've seen girls in their underpants."

Right. Totally the same thing.

Friday, November 2, 2012

My new favourite product

While we were at Epcot exploring the Food and Wine festival we stumbled across a vendor called Rinse.  Oddly, considering they are a vendor at the Food and Wine festival, they sell bath and body products. Including the amazing and miraculous PeppoFoot Stick!

I had some really bad blisters when we came across their kiosk. I asked if they had anything to help and she showed me this product. She was actually in the process of labelling more sticks when I asked because they had sold out of their stash the day before. At $18 it seemed pricey but I decided to take the chance.

Best choice I made in October.

My blisters actually fixed themselves. I didn't think that was possible! And the calluses went away. Best $18 I ever spent. At it is cheaper on the website. I really should have bought another stick or three.

Although it probably causes Cancer and/or birth defects in California.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

At least she saves the drama for her Mama

This morning the kid had her semi-annual eye appointment. She has a bit of an eye turn. She had surgery five years ago to correct it but it has uncorrected itself a bit since. So, every six months we meet with the doctor and he asks her if she wants the surgery. It is essentially a cosmetic surgery. Once again she has decided againest it. We're fine with that.

We piggybacked our eye appointment with a Crohn's disease study that the kid is participating in. They're looking at genetic markers, etc in the family members of those with Crohn's. I'm pumped about the study. The kid, not so much. You see, she had to have a blood sample taken.

It did not go well.

Apparently we have a fainter. We didn't get to leave the hospital for over an hour and a half after the sample was taken because she complained so much about not feeling well - dizzy, headache, the list of complaints was a mile long! She was also very pale and the technician confirmed that this was a valid situation.

You see, I am mean, evil and unsympathetic. It's not that I am heartless. Just I had so many procedures at her age and I didn't pull half the drama. Let's face it - blood work isn't particularily invasive. It certainly isn't the same as a barium swallow or barium enema. Don't worry I comforted her, didn't make her go to school in the afternoon (although that was only because the technician and doctor told me to keep her home) and still let her have McDonalds for lunch (the promised treat if she was good during the procedure). But, oy! The dramatics!

What is she going to be like when she is 16?