Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And so it begins...

I am not a mathematician. I did get 100% on a calculus test in university once. Of course, it was my second time taking the course (I didn't fail the first time but I came pretty close with my D-). And I retook pretty much every math course I took in high school to ensure that I "got" it.

And now the kid is in grade 3. And it isn't super easy for me. Sure, I can do the basics just fine but word problems drive me a bit batty. And trying to get her to show her work is next to impossible. Why? Because the little monster does it all in her head.

But the joke is on her. Now my husband gets to check her work.

His trick to getting her to show her work? He gives her harder problems than those that are assigned. And what am I doing? Sitting quietly and thinking he better not try giving me math homework too.

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