Friday, November 2, 2012

My new favourite product

While we were at Epcot exploring the Food and Wine festival we stumbled across a vendor called Rinse.  Oddly, considering they are a vendor at the Food and Wine festival, they sell bath and body products. Including the amazing and miraculous PeppoFoot Stick!

I had some really bad blisters when we came across their kiosk. I asked if they had anything to help and she showed me this product. She was actually in the process of labelling more sticks when I asked because they had sold out of their stash the day before. At $18 it seemed pricey but I decided to take the chance.

Best choice I made in October.

My blisters actually fixed themselves. I didn't think that was possible! And the calluses went away. Best $18 I ever spent. At it is cheaper on the website. I really should have bought another stick or three.

Although it probably causes Cancer and/or birth defects in California.

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