Friday, December 28, 2012

The kid is loud and I'm a twit

The kid is talking to her best friend on the phone for I think the fourth time today. And she talks very, very loudly. I figure she must want me to hear what she says and offer commentary.

Or maybe not. But, I kept quiet for the first 3 conversations. And when she told BFF that "I didn't have lunch today!"- despite the piece of pizza she clearly ate around noon and that she denied my offer of additional sustance - I figured all bets were off.

The Kid: We can even talk about You Know Who!

Mommy who is not so much eavesdropping as existing: Voldemort! You're going to talk about Voldemort!

The Kid: *ignores her Mother*

The Kid: Wait, which one is number one and which is number two?

Mommy who is not so much eavesdropping as existing: Pee and poop! Why are you talking about that with BFF!

 The Kid: *ignores her Mother and starts talking more about the boyfriend and her mortal enemy in grade 8 who doesn't know who she is other than that kid that was in the grade 1 class he was lunch monitor of way back in grade 6 and has continued to stalk him for the past 2 years*

At this point I have lost interest and walked away. See, don't feed the trolls or the Mommy.

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