Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another talk I didn't think we'd have this year

The kid and I went to the bookstore yesterday. I wanted a travel book and I let her check out the 9-12 books. She pulled a stack of books together that she wanted. I told her she could have two. One of them was Flashcards of My Life. It was very colouful and looked safe.

And it is pretty safe. Except there is a reference to sex in it. Luckily for us, the kid wanted to talk about this. We've had this talk before and she wanted to know exactly what sex is. All while she is making a gagging face.

Sex is pretty gross to the eight-year-old. Even though that is how she came to be. I pointed out that is also how I came to be, her Dad came to be and even the cats. And one thing led to another and she asked if people ever do "that" with animals. Yes, I was honest. Told her what that was called and that is was illegal. And then she asked me some more questions about kissing.

My poor husband. He just sat there looking stunned.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

At the movies

My sister read the blog post about a first-grader's reviews of the Oscar nominated movies based on the posters and wondered what the kid thought. So, I asked her.

Please note that we just finished watching the Indiana Jones series. And she can read very well. So, she did get a few hints from the text on the posters. She is also more self concious and wasn't really in the mood to give a lot of detail.

I tried, Nicole, I really did. Here are her thoughts. And she really, really wants to go see Life of Pi.

It’s about people not aliens. I don’t know what Amour is. I think the movie is about love. It’s in the past. I guess that the setting is a city. I think the plot is a mix of the Indiana Jones movies and some other movie that I forget the name of. I can’t remember anything about that other movie though.

Beast of the Southern WildI think it is about the 4th of July celebrations. I think it is set in the forest. I think this is a story of celebration. 

Django Unchained
Are these adult movies? I think it is about two people. I think it is a sequel to a movie. I think there are chains in it. I think it is set in either the city or the country. I think this is a bloody story.

Silver Linings Playbook
There is a boy and a girl in this movie. I think there are lots of instructions and mazes, like the Indiana Jones series. It’s a love movie. 

Zero Dark Thirty
I think it is about the greatest manhunt in history, because that is what it says and I can ride. I know there are a lot of different people in the movie. It is set in the desert. It is an action movie.

Life of Pi
This is about a lion. There is a person in it. There are boats in it. I think it is about the life of the lion. This is probably an action movie.

What? (While reading the poster) I think there is a man in it. It’s an action movie. I think there is a mission. I don’t know what kind of mission it is because it is kind of tricky. 

There is a man in this movie. It’s set in the past. I think it is based on real life and set in the United States. I’m guessing the movie is about a man named Lincoln. I think he is the president. 

Les Miserables
This is a French movie. I think it is a love action movie. I think there is a girl in it. It is set in the present. I think there is fighting.

It seems the kid needs to work a bit on her animal identification skills. I still haven't seen any of these movies.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pottery for Beginners (or What the heck was I thinking?)

The kid is taking a pottery class on Saturday mornings. She loves it. We're not sure she really gets it though. Apparently the kids get to create their own masterpiece during the last couple of classes using all the skills they picked up during the other weeks. They still create something each week. Nothing that we can take home yet though.

She made a clay puzzle for her two-year-old cousin. Just so you know how practical she is. I'm sure her Aunt and Uncle with their lovely ceramic tile floors will love that gift.

She's been trying to figure out what to make. Here are a few of her suggestions: a giant statue that's bigger than me, a chair, a bed for the cats. I really don't think she's caught on what types of materials various items should be made of. We're trying to convince her to make a bowl or a reasonably sized ornament that I can put in my cabinet.

Wish us luck!

Because she's worth it.

I didn't blog last month. Things are crazy at work in January/early February so I never got around to it. Ah well, I did answer my email from everyday so I do know what happened each day.

And thank goodness for that!

It seems that the kid is really, really interested in all the scrapbook pages I have created over her lifetime. She has spent a few hours each week for the last month reading about the things she did when she was young. Yup, that's what she says.

And now she has started putting together some real scrapbook pages with photos and journalling. It's still very much Who, What, When, Where, Why journalling but it is a start!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bad influence

A few weeks ago the kid complained that some kids at her after school taekwondo class were giving her a hard time about her underwear. She has some panties with things like Hello Kitty on them. They're comfortable - she hates lace trim - and they fit. She doesn't care about the characters but I had a hard time finding panties without lace trim. These have been fine for the last few months.

However, now kids are giving her a hassle. My first response, give them the finger. And maybe suggest they find a new hobby other than looking at your underwear.

I wasn't fully awake yet. And yes, I taught the 8-year-old how to give the finger. Not really sure why I thought it was a good idea.

But it worked.

That afternoon she was teased and she gave them the finger. They were shocked but they couldn't really tattle. And the kid still wears her "very comfortable" Hello Kitty underwear.

Incidentally, I did offer to buy her new panties. She declined. I still bought her new ones when I found plain Hanes ones at Walmart (they finally restocked that section). However, she still chooses her Hello Kitty ones most days. And, we haven't been "talked" to by her taekwondo instructers.