Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another talk I didn't think we'd have this year

The kid and I went to the bookstore yesterday. I wanted a travel book and I let her check out the 9-12 books. She pulled a stack of books together that she wanted. I told her she could have two. One of them was Flashcards of My Life. It was very colouful and looked safe.

And it is pretty safe. Except there is a reference to sex in it. Luckily for us, the kid wanted to talk about this. We've had this talk before and she wanted to know exactly what sex is. All while she is making a gagging face.

Sex is pretty gross to the eight-year-old. Even though that is how she came to be. I pointed out that is also how I came to be, her Dad came to be and even the cats. And one thing led to another and she asked if people ever do "that" with animals. Yes, I was honest. Told her what that was called and that is was illegal. And then she asked me some more questions about kissing.

My poor husband. He just sat there looking stunned.

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