Saturday, February 23, 2013

At the movies

My sister read the blog post about a first-grader's reviews of the Oscar nominated movies based on the posters and wondered what the kid thought. So, I asked her.

Please note that we just finished watching the Indiana Jones series. And she can read very well. So, she did get a few hints from the text on the posters. She is also more self concious and wasn't really in the mood to give a lot of detail.

I tried, Nicole, I really did. Here are her thoughts. And she really, really wants to go see Life of Pi.

It’s about people not aliens. I don’t know what Amour is. I think the movie is about love. It’s in the past. I guess that the setting is a city. I think the plot is a mix of the Indiana Jones movies and some other movie that I forget the name of. I can’t remember anything about that other movie though.

Beast of the Southern WildI think it is about the 4th of July celebrations. I think it is set in the forest. I think this is a story of celebration. 

Django Unchained
Are these adult movies? I think it is about two people. I think it is a sequel to a movie. I think there are chains in it. I think it is set in either the city or the country. I think this is a bloody story.

Silver Linings Playbook
There is a boy and a girl in this movie. I think there are lots of instructions and mazes, like the Indiana Jones series. It’s a love movie. 

Zero Dark Thirty
I think it is about the greatest manhunt in history, because that is what it says and I can ride. I know there are a lot of different people in the movie. It is set in the desert. It is an action movie.

Life of Pi
This is about a lion. There is a person in it. There are boats in it. I think it is about the life of the lion. This is probably an action movie.

What? (While reading the poster) I think there is a man in it. It’s an action movie. I think there is a mission. I don’t know what kind of mission it is because it is kind of tricky. 

There is a man in this movie. It’s set in the past. I think it is based on real life and set in the United States. I’m guessing the movie is about a man named Lincoln. I think he is the president. 

Les Miserables
This is a French movie. I think it is a love action movie. I think there is a girl in it. It is set in the present. I think there is fighting.

It seems the kid needs to work a bit on her animal identification skills. I still haven't seen any of these movies.

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  1. And we know she's not an American from her understanding of Lincoln.

    I like her reviews!