Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pottery for Beginners (or What the heck was I thinking?)

The kid is taking a pottery class on Saturday mornings. She loves it. We're not sure she really gets it though. Apparently the kids get to create their own masterpiece during the last couple of classes using all the skills they picked up during the other weeks. They still create something each week. Nothing that we can take home yet though.

She made a clay puzzle for her two-year-old cousin. Just so you know how practical she is. I'm sure her Aunt and Uncle with their lovely ceramic tile floors will love that gift.

She's been trying to figure out what to make. Here are a few of her suggestions: a giant statue that's bigger than me, a chair, a bed for the cats. I really don't think she's caught on what types of materials various items should be made of. We're trying to convince her to make a bowl or a reasonably sized ornament that I can put in my cabinet.

Wish us luck!

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