Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My bucket list

I'm always had a temperamental tummy. By the time I was turned two I knew about the Barf Bucket and could get it myself and use it with no assistance.

In my 35 years I have thrown up in lots of places. I'm lucky that way.

I recently crossed an important goal off my bucket list. I finally threw up in a taxi cab. And a New York cab at that! Now, that was super fun. In a not-at-all sort of way.

I'm just glad that I had bought the husband bagels before going to the airport. They were in a paper bag and they gave me a plastic bag for them too. That plastic bag didn't hold the bagels for long. I was sure my nausea was caused by the cab driving so quickly, stopping so suddenly and weaving in and out of traffic.

Turns out I actually was sick. I went to my parents house from the airport and the next afternoon the kid and I flew to Texas. And I got to use both of our barf bags. I used mine as we landed and had to use hers while we waiting to exit the plane. This was the first time I threw up on an airplane while not pregnant.

I had a bug of some sort. Luckily nobody else got it. And by day 3 of our vacation I was pretty much okay again. And I was fine on the plane home. The kid decided I must have had travelitis from travelling too much.

But, next time I got to New York City I am bringing barf bags in my purse.

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