Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Presents from the cat

Not actually my cat.
It seems we have (or had) a couple of mice in the house again. I know this because my husband had to dispose of two.

On Monday morning (at 5:15) we were woken by the cat shrieking in our bedroom. She was very excited. It could have meant she had a toy (she does love a good spring or elastic band) but she was breathing a little heavy. I got up and looked at the ground. Something was there and it didn't look like a spring.

I turned on the light and confirmed my suspicions. While hubby headed over to dispose of the corpse we realized it was alive. This was obvious when the cat bonked it on the head and it squeaked.

He drowned it. Although one of his coworkers thinks he should have cut off its head. That's too messy for me.

On Tuesday morning I went downstairs and discovered that same cat lying on the floor in front of the kid's bedroom door. The cat had decided to share her presents and bring a dead mouse for the kid. Incidentally, the kid thought that was awesome and was thrilled to be the beneficiary of such a gift. We were just glad this one was dead.

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