Friday, April 26, 2013

So... we're going to hell...

Full disclosure - hubby and I do not go to church despite
being married in a church and being baptized as babies
(and we had the kid baptized). I don't have anything against
church, I just don't want to go. Officially we're Christian.
But we follow  the agnosticism philosophy and believe
that everyone can believe whatever they like - provided 
nobody is harmed and everyone is treated with respect.
As far as I am concerned you can be Muslim,
Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Atheist or believe
in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I don't care.
To each their own. Maybe I'm actually an Apatheist.
The kid hasn't been to church that often. We've discussed the various religious beliefs and she
recently decided that she wanted to read the Bible stories. When she was baptized (see, we're not that awful) her aunt gave her a Children's bible. We tried reading them to her when she was three but she wasn't interested.

She read them all today. Her verdict. "Those are pretty crazy stories. Harry Potter is way more believable since at least in that book they didn't bring people back from the dead.They're so crazied up. I guess the version you read is less crazied up."

At least she has a vague background on Christianity now. Now we just need to get her a kids Coles Notes overview of the other religious beliefs.

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  1. well, i think you're one step ahead of us ... we got married by a unitarian minister, kids not baptised tho but they did go to Baptist sunday school when they were little ... my background is catholic so we're pretty sure my mum whisked them off to her church when they were babies just to cover all the bases so i'm not that worried ... i watched part of The Bible series and my kids were pretty much the same as The Kid ... she's a smarty pants!