Thursday, April 25, 2013

The ickiness continues...

I did a spot check on the kid's locker today.

What did I find. Well, her gym bag was thrown on the floor of her locker. Also on the floor (and not in the bag) were her gym clothes. And there were three half eaten lunches.

Yup. I talked to the teacher. I don't think there is anything he can do about this but I wanted to make sure he knew we were trying to stop the black plague from taking down her grade three class.

I suppose it could be worse - at least she isn't taking biology. There could have been a dissected pig fetus in there.

Hubby and I then had to come up with a punishment. I wanted something that fit the crime. I found the solution by thinking about what I would have hated at her age. We made her help with the garbage/recycling/dog poop cleanup.

This is definitely NOT HER FAVOURITE thing to do.

Later today we're going to spend part of our PD day together cleaning the garage. I'm expecting child services to visit us any day now.

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