Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lost and (never) Found

Last night wasn't fun in our house. I picked the kid up from her after school program and we were discussing various things on the way home. Including the fact that she had to bring her sneakers to the track and field meet (that is happening today). That's when she let me know that she had lost her two-week old sneakers. The ones that cost me $75* - on sale.

When did she lose the shoes? On Monday. I found out on Wednesday and not because she volunteered the information. And she misplaced her lunch bag today.

I took her back to school and we talked to the people at her before school program since that is where she forgot them. They didn't know where they were. We emptied out the Lost and Found bin. There were shoes but not her shoes. I think they are long gone. I just hope that whoever ended up taking them really needed a pair or new shoes.

The kid has a track and field meet today so I bought her new shoes. The $20 kind since the expensive shoe store had already closed at that point. It seems the kid had been borrowing running shoes from another kid this week. She was planning on borrowing them for the meet too. On the plus side, she made the relay team wearing shoes that didn't belong to her or fit her feet well. I'd be proud if I wasn't so annoyed that she can't keep track of her possessions.

So far this year she has lost:
  • 1 sweatshirt
  • 1 pair of pants
  • 1 two-week old winter coat
  • 1 lunch bag
  • 1 two-week old pair of shoes
Sigh. Maybe she won't lose anything in grade 4? Oh, and I checked her locker when we were at school. Guess what I found? Only two leftover lunches.

* Why am I that parent who buys a child $75 shoes? Whenever I buy her the $20 shoes from Payless or Walmart they have fallen apart after three weeks. She's pretty hard on her shoes. However, the last pair of expensive shoes she had lasted 18-months. And they are still in pretty good shape. She just outgrew them. I think I saved a lot of money by buying those expensive shoes.

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