Friday, July 12, 2013

Sex Ed

The kid and I were talking on the phone today (on speaker with my dad too) about Justin Bieber and his latest exploit. She told me that he must have been drunk.

When I expressed shock and surprise that she knew how to tell if someone was drunk she reminded me of her A in health class re: addictions. Because apparently that is part of the grade 3 curriculum.

I mentioned that sex ed is coming up in grade 4. The kid explained to my dad and I what that class entails... "the boys sit around the class and watch videos."

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The kid is as the cottage with my dad and his dog. This conversation just happened while we were on the phone with each other...

Grandpa: Guess what Webster just brought!
The Kid: A dead monster

- pause -

Grandpa: No, the pot roast container.

Eventually she'll figure out the difference between dogs and cats. You know, other than the fact that all dogs are boys and all cat are girls.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Things that bite in the day...

The kid is at the cottage this week with my cousin and her grandparents. Things are going well. Except for the bugs. There are a lot of mosquitoes. We spoke on the phone today and she had this to say:
Kid: My legs are a mess!
Me: How so?
Kid: First, because I killed a mosquito right after and got my blood smeared all over myself. AND I got bit by a horsefly.
Me: Really, that must have hurt Kid: Not really. Did you know?
Me: Know what
Kid: That horseflies circle before they attack.
And that was my lesson for the day.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Cottage days

We were at the cottage for a couple of days this weekend. It was lovely. Except for the blood sucking insects. But there are times when I think, WTH is wrong with people?

For example, when did cottage life become all about parties and turn into a beer commercial? I shouldn't have had to go over to remind the neighbours at 12:30 am that there are other people who don't appreciate loud music while they and their children are trying to sleep. It seriously sounded like a raver was going on in our cottage - despite the closed windows and air conditioning.

Luckily, they turned the music down and I didn't have to call the police. And I would have. Alas, it seems they forgot about the volume control the next night - when I wasn't there to ask them to quiet down. Luckily the girls (the kid and my 14-year-old cousin) slept through the ruckus this time.