Monday, July 1, 2013

Cottage days

We were at the cottage for a couple of days this weekend. It was lovely. Except for the blood sucking insects. But there are times when I think, WTH is wrong with people?

For example, when did cottage life become all about parties and turn into a beer commercial? I shouldn't have had to go over to remind the neighbours at 12:30 am that there are other people who don't appreciate loud music while they and their children are trying to sleep. It seriously sounded like a raver was going on in our cottage - despite the closed windows and air conditioning.

Luckily, they turned the music down and I didn't have to call the police. And I would have. Alas, it seems they forgot about the volume control the next night - when I wasn't there to ask them to quiet down. Luckily the girls (the kid and my 14-year-old cousin) slept through the ruckus this time.

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