Friday, September 13, 2013

Nice try

We like to travel and we like taking the kid with us. She's pretty portable and loves going on adventures - even if it often is just to Orlando.

My mom kept suggesting that we go away just the two of us. But, we spend the bulk of the summer kid-free so it just doesn't seem right. We work hard and it makes sense to enjoy our vacation time together as a family. Unless we decide to go to Las Vegas.

We have a week scheduled off in November and my husband and I have been hemming and hawing about whether we should go away and where we should go. We pretty much came to the conclusion that we should go away but the where really gets us. So, I asked the kid.

I was thinking Bahamas for 4 days or maybe a week in Cuba. Or play it by ear and book something last minute. The kid thinks Venice sounds like a good idea. Alas, Europe was not part of the plan. But it was a nice try. I just wish I knew where she got these ideas?

I think I'll have to blame books.